Douglass Day 2022

with the Colored Conventions Project!

Save the Date card for Douglass Day 2022 with image from 1869 convention and info about the event in 2022

February 14, 2022
12-3 PM (EDT)

A collective day of love & action for Black history!

About Douglass Day 2022

Every Valentine’s Day, we invite you to a birthday party for Frederick Douglass. Although Douglass never knew his birthdate, he chose to celebrate every year on February 14th. We celebrate this date as a moment for creating Black history together.

Featuring the Colored Conventions Project

Help us transcribe the records of the Colored Conventions, the nineteenth century’s longest campaign for Black civil rights. Together we can learn about the long history of Black activism — including the important roles of Black women in the conventions!


  • Transcribe-a-thon with the Colored Conventions Project
  • Live broadcast with speakers, performances & more
  • Curriculum for K-12 classes
  • 2nd Annual Douglass Day Bake Off
  • Lots more!

How can I get involved?

  1. Join us online!
  2. Organize an event with your group or school (virtual or in-person)
  3. Find a local group (See locations open to the public)
  4. Teach with Douglass Day in your K-12 or college classroom!


What is Douglass Day?

Douglass Day is an annual program that marks the birth of Frederick Douglass. Each year, we gather thousands of people to help create new & freely available resources for learning about Black history. We frequently focus on important Black women’s archives, such as Anna Julia Cooper (2020), Mary Church Terrell (2021), and plenty more to come in future years. Learn more about the history of Douglass Day.

What is a transcribe-a-thon?

Transcribe-a-thons are events in which people gather together to work side-by-side on a crowdsourcing transcription project. We feature a different project each year. We always try to have food, music, and a fun time! Want to hold a transcribe-a-thon? Our program team prepares a set of plans and resources each year to help you bring Douglass Day to your group, school, or community. Free and open to all!  

What are we going to transcribe this year?

The Colored Conventions Project has lots of documents from state and national conventions of Black activists in the 19th century. We will transcribe these convention minutes, proceedings, news coverage, letters, and much more! For a sneak preview, browse around on the CCP’s Digital Records website.

Will this year’s events be held in person or virtually?

This year, we cannot predict whether it will be safe to hold in-person events. We are going to wait and see (and hope). Fortunately, our event can adapt to both modes.

No matter how we celebrate, we can all watch the livestream and transcribe together. We encourage everyone to be safe and stay healthy. If you choose to hold a virtual event, you may wish to consult our Guide to Hosting Virtual Events.

Where can I see highlights from previous celebrations?

Watch Douglass Day videos and highlights on our YouTube channel.

Who is behind Douglass Day?

Our team includes lots of different people. Meet everyone on our About page.

What is coming for future Douglass Days?

In 2023, we’ll feature the papers of Mary Ann Shadd Cary to mark the 200th anniversary of her birth.

2nd Annual Douglass Day Bake Off

This year we are delighted to announce our second annual cake contest. Make your best cakes and desserts to celebrate Douglass and the women of the Colored Conventions. Post photos of your creations to Twitter or Instagram using #GreatDouglassDayBakeoff to enter our contest for special Douglass Day prizes!

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