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How can I get involved?

  1. Host an event with your community or organization.
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Graphic flyer with the words "Save the date" and "Douglass Day February 14, 2023, featuring the papers of Mary Ann Shadd Cary with more info at douglassday.org.com

Transcribing the Papers of Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Douglass Day 2023 will feature the papers of Mary Ann Shadd Cary! Shadd Cary lived from 1823-1893 and had a long and fascinating life. She was one of the earliest Black women to edit a newspaper, serve as a Civil War recruiter, attend law school, and so much more.

Transcribe Shadd Cary will be a brand new crowdsourcing project on the Zooniverse platform. It will feature the papers left by Shadd Cary and her networks from Archives of Ontario, Library and Archives Canada, and other newly digitized archives from her life in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

Highlights from Douglass Day 2022

During last year’s Douglass Day we accomplished some extraordinary things! Using the Zooniverse platform, we were able to find many thousands of Black men & women in the Colored Conventions. In just eight days:

  • We held 91 events around the world
  • Over 4,500 people contributed
  • We completed 14,331 pages

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make last year such a tremendous success. 

Learn More About Mary Ann Shadd Cary

Browse our growing page of information about Mary Ann Shadd Cary, including a number of videos from recent events about her life and legacies.